Good News Regarding Climate Action in 2022

Positive climate change action is having an impact. Oh no, I hear you say. Here’s one of those heartwarming tales from a green activist, am I right? Another idealist who does not see how the climate catastrophe may be resolved. But what if we could all tap into our own good personal resources and use them to support zero emissions? This form of psychological capital might not develop into a social identity that encourages eco-friendly behaviour. You know, a person’s belief system might motivate them to take action that will actually affect the world for the better. Yes, it can.

The World Meteorological Organization ( WMO ) stated in a recent research that the amount of electricity drawn from renewable energy sources needs to double over the next eight years in order to prevent the world temperature from rising too much, which threatens energy security. Governments, businesses, and individuals that are ready to make systemic changes to prevent climate pollution will all need to put a lot of resources into achieving this aim.

Our sense of pride and purpose is increased when we make a commitment to preserve the environment and advance society. Other good climate action results are likely to increase if people link their true, genuine, and actual efforts to protect the environment with the improvement of society.

Let’s concentrate on environmental responsibility, societal welfare, and personal responsibility for advancing social and environmental advancement with those rah rah notions in mind. It’s an confluence of protecting the environment, making the world greener, raising environmental awareness, looking out for society, actively giving to charity, participating in philanthropic activities, and thinking about ethics and morals when making decisions. Additionally, it gives us a positive feeling and motivates us to engage more.

Here are few positive environmental stories from 2022 that back up the notion of effective climate change mitigation.

Renewable energy’s continued growth has reduced CO2 emissions by 230 million tons in the first half of 2022, according to research done by think tank Ember . Only the annual growth in wind and solar averted a 4% increase in worldwide power sector emissions in 2022. This translates to 230 million tons of CO2 saved, which is more than double Germany’s 104 mt of power sector emissions during the same time period.

Most miniature engineers: Biologists have known for years that beavers are among the most successful practitioners of climate adaptation and resilience, but field study has just recently confirmed this. After being persecuted to extinction for 400 years, they are now protected in England. In the UK, it is currently prohibited to intentionally catch, harm, kill, or disturb beavers in any other way. According to Joan Edwards, head of policy and public affairs at The Wildlife Trusts , which has pioneered their reintroduction, “changing the legal status of beavers is a game-changer for these remarkable eco-engineers, which benefit both other animals and people.”

Want a Matchbox Tesla Roadster made of 99% recycled materials? Check out these toys made of recycled or plant-based materials. What about a Barbie made from waste recycled plastic gathered in Mexico? On the Mega Bloks, toddlers can play with plant-based plastic solar panels. Build an Eco House and Learn. In line with Mattel’s goal ‘s goal of using only recycled, recyclable, or bio-based plastic in their goods and packaging by 2030, the business has unveiled a number of new toys that use more sustainable resin feedstocks and combine circular design and product stewardship ideas.

Taiwan is converting abandoned metro stations into underground vertical farms. Vertical farms in the subways. Due to the use of cutting-edge and effective vertical farming techniques, the unoccupied areas are now home to sustainable, clean, and organic food that helps provide commuters with fresh produce. The 40 square meter “var viewsCacheL10n = {"admin_ajax_url":"https:\/\/\/wp-admin\/admin-ajax.php","post_id":"1063"};