The Tesla Reddit thread reveals what is almost universally apparent: Redditors adore their Teslas. The Tesla brand, the Supercharger network, Smart Summons, accessories and apps, the 4680 batteries, adapters, autonomy, and other vehicle-specific subjects are discussed by the posters there. The majority of commenters are committed to sharing their insights into the Tesla inventory and their discovery of hidden touchscreen lagniappes, however a small number do discuss the company’s performance or its stock.

But more recently, stories about Tesla have tended to center on the antics of the company’s volatile CEO, Elon Musk. Many former Tesla enthusiasts are appalled by information about his personal life as well as other ways that his frequently outrageous acts have tainted the Tesla brand.

Why is there such a sharp contrast between enthusiasm for the Tesla name and dismay over Musk’s leadership of the largest all-electric car company in the world?

That question has a nuanced, sophisticated solution.

Early adopters adored both CEO Elon Musk and the Tesla brand. A small but vocal portion of the population identified with his outlook on a sustainable future. They thought he was creative, inquisitive, intelligent, driven, articulate, and hilarious. Musk shattered the ICE engines’ dominance as a US congruence marker and introduced us to a broad transportation and societal revolution.

In the EV sales rankings, rivals who have been following Tesla for ten years are likely still years away from catching up to the company.

Musk has promoted the Tesla range of vehicles on social media, rejecting traditional advertising. Additionally, and regrettably frequently, he has agitatedly expressed binary positions about issues on social media platforms, igniting debates.

His notoriety has given him over 100 million Twitter followers , many of whom check every tweet he makes. He frequently attacks whomever he believes to be his foes. His attitude toward other businesses results in an signal advance —a particular type of indication made up of optimism or pessimism that might influence a company’s valuation. Despite their frustration with Musk, many institutional investors support him because of the company’s overall stellar success. Avowed fanboys and fangirls are upset when he frequently fails to connect with a large following.

Numerous customer surveys and market research studies demonstrate that Tesla commands great brand recognition, attention, and loyalty, as Bloomberg Hyperdrive recently pointed out. Most customers are ecstatic about its all-electric vehicles. However, Musk has frequently come under fire since he is “synonymous” with the Tesla brand while also getting involved in “touchy political battles.” They continue by saying that fighting back against negative news of his personal life has endangered the company’s increasingly valued brand.

By “creating a name for himself and Tesla by defying the norms,” Reuters characterizes Musk’s influence. According to Business Insider , a large part of the reason why Tesla is one of the most polarizing businesses on Wall Street is due to his “unfiltered tweeting.” How severe was the hit?

WHAT IS THE TESLA BRAND NOT TO LOVE? Tesla owners adore the extras and Easter eggs it offers (an undocumented hidden feature that developers leave behind for users to discover). When considered independently of his social media messaging, the features showcase Musk’s distinct sense of comedy and have increased the admiration of Tesla enthusiasts.

Autopilot: The vehicle may automatically steer, accelerate, and brake within its lane.
This HEPA filtration technology guards against harmful chemicals entering the car’s cabin in bioweapon protection mode (only available in Model S and Model X).

Touchscreen: In addition to hundreds of additional features, the 17-inch touchscreen houses basic functionality like climate control and navigation in addition to video games, connectivity, streaming services, and real-time traffic information.

Sentry mode: With this function, you can monitor your parked car closely from any location in the world.
Modern parking sensors alert drivers when objects could be too close.
Supercharger network: 35,000 or more fast chargers are positioned on key thoroughfares close to useful amenities all around the world.

Tesla owners can access their cars using their phones instead of traditional metal keys; a valet key is also available for occasions when the owner wants to grant a third party the ability to drive.

The app: With the app, drivers may operate their vehicles from almost anywhere. Among other functions, it gives real-time information, enables owners to regulate the heat and air conditioning, lock and unlock the car, and check the status of their vehicle while it is charging.

Over-the-air updates: To make the cars safer and give Tesla users more amenities, the company sends new features to the cars.

Dog mode: The car’s interior temperature is controlled to prevent the dog from overheating. A notice is displayed on the touchscreen to inform unduly anxious bystanders about the feature.

Automatic cooling kicks in if the interior of the car reaches a temperature higher than 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Frunk: A trunk at the front allows for additional storage since there is no engine to take up front space. It is a characteristic that rivals rapidly copied.

THE COMPANY’S DISRUPTIVE AUTO TECHNOLOGY IS COMPLICATED BY MUSK’S COMMENTS Musk’s social media tweets have impacted perceptions about the company’s manufacturing capabilities in addition to his personal opinions, which have hampered Tesla’s brand appeal.

A prime example is the widely anticipated release of the Tesla Model 3, which is targeted for the mainstream market. The people who participated in the design and construction of the mass-market, electric, 4-door automobile at an private event were the first people to drive away in it. The 215-mile range was seen as a trade-off for the car’s inspirational and desirable status, and devoted followers fretted over delivery dates and Model 3 details.

Musk then confidently tweeted about the Model 3 goals.
It appears that we can produce 20,000 Model 3 cars each month in December.
— Elon Musk, July 3, 2017 (@elonmusk)

Initial Tesla Reddit 0 fell short of Musk’s expectations. In 2017, Tesla only produced 2,685 Model 3 cars. Despite Musk’s prediction that the firm would produce 500,000 vehicles in 2018, 254,530 automobiles were actually produced.

The Tesla Reddit 1 then contacted Tesla in 2018 in relation to two problems:

In the past, Musk said he was thinking about taking Tesla private. We also made predictions for the Model 3’s production rates in 2017 and other public remarks about the Model 3’s production. Tesla couldn’t reassure stockholders that “we have launched, ramped, and stabilized Model 3” until 2019, according to Zachary Kirkhorn, chief financial officer of Tesla.

FINAL CONCLUSIONS REGARDING THE TESLA BRAND AND MUSK’S COMPLEX INFLUENCE With widespread praise and increased business success, the Model Y has been released. Musk, meanwhile, continues to perplex the market with his unfiltered social media commentary. Although he has shortcomings, he is a genius who has revealed that Tesla Reddit 2 exists.

According to Tesla Reddit 3 interview with Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania marketing professor Americus Reed, consumers feel a strong connection to brands that share their values or embody what they aim to be. “For individuals who are genuinely into Tesla, the intensity of the relationship is off the charts.”

Disassociation prevails, as the Tesla Reddit 4 noted in their conclusion about the Tesla brand. Not the tweeter, but I love the car.

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