Tesla is the top seller in the United States’ luxury vehicle market.

Tesla continues to dominate the luxury segment of the U.S. auto industry, far outperforming traditional leaders BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Tesla doesn’t disclose its exact sales figures, but current estimates indicate that the automaker outsold its closest rival in the luxury vehicle segment by more over 100,000 units, which is also a significant victory for the U.S. auto market.

Tesla delivered 114,000 vehicles in the third quarter, according to the Automotive News Research and Data Center (CleanTechnica predicts 131,000), a 47 percent increase from the same period last year. According to that estimate, Tesla outsells German automaker BMW by around 112,050 automobiles (or 129,050 according to CleanTechnica’s estimate), even though sales of high-end luxury vehicles have climbed all year.

Sales of premium brands as a whole were 539,807 units in the third quarter, an increase of 7.1 percent. Comparatively, the car industry as a whole stayed flat in the quarter, highlighting the luxury market’s expansion over the year.

According to Cox Automotive’s assessments, supply is also improving for luxury automakers. The data indicates that, as of September 26, the typical luxury dealer supply had climbed to 47 days, up from the typical 44 days of the previous month.

BMW and Mercedes-Benz, two other German automakers, have alternated during the year as the second-best sales in the luxury market, after Tesla. After more than a year of being behind BMW, Mercedes made a comeback to overtake it in the second quarter. However, BMW regained the top spot in Q3.

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