Riding the 180 HP Orca Carbon, grab a Taiga by the tail.

Do you see that lovely plant up there? sleek, strong, quick, and prepared? It’s an amazing thrill ride for him as he travels on one of the first Taiga Orca electric boats to be produced in mass quantities.

Why am I riding the Orca, what is it, and why should you care? Continue reading to discover the answers.


We initially wrote about the Orca in 2020, when Taiga was only a fledgling tech company and unveiled the 180 HP, all-electric personal watercraft to the globe. It wasn’t entirely obvious if PWC’s financial accounts were sufficient to ever deliver on all of its promises and hopes, despite the fact that the company and PWC were both full of promise and hope.

Then, Taiga received a significant injection of $50 million Canadian. The cash infusion and for-real factory, a gift from the Canadian government to support green manufacturing in the area, catapulted Taiga into very, very for real status almost immediately and allowed CEO Sam Bruneau to hire the engineers, designers, and software specialists required to produce what he called “e-powersports without compromises.”

And from what I can see, the Orca so named because its big, fast, and smart is really close to that.


For what it’s worth, I don’t think the universe wanted me to ride this monster. Last winter, when I had the opportunity to ride a Taiga Nomad snowmobile till I got COVID and very dramatically thought I may die, Taiga and I initially worked out a plan to fly out and see the Taiga electric powertrain that’s similar to all of its models. (Kids, get that booster; it was a whole thing!)

The second time, a challenge forced me to be in two places at once on the day I was scheduled to take off, which is a trick I don’t frequently manage well.

The third time was the charm, as they say, and I was able to travel to Burlington, Vermont, where I was one of the first journalists to experience the brand-new Orca Carbon at high speed.

Okay, somewhat of at speed.


The Taiga Orca has three drive settings: Eco, Sport, and Wild, which is the most powerful. We could only use the eco and sport modes during our ride, but even in those modes, the Taiga proved to be very responsive, quick off the line, and stable enough at speed to inspire confidence, even if it did take me a little longer than I’d like to admit to get used to standing on and leaning into it slightly.

It was time to come in as soon as I started to feel good about myself and had the trim, which is digitally adjustable with the left-hand toggle, set to how I liked it.

I believed I had 20 minutes. I questioned Angela (? ), who is pictured in the earlier images standing there.
She grinned and replied, “You got a lot more than that.”

My reliable Casioak GA2100VB-1A verified she was correct with a short glance. Because this Taiga Orca is so much fun, I would have stayed out on the ocean for another forty minutes and still grumbled that it wasn’t long enough.

Obviously, it is.

Although it has been at least a dozen years since I have spent any significant time on a PWC, such as my cousin Alex’s Yamaha WaveRunner, I felt that the Orca made it simple to pick up speed and enjoy your time on the water in Florida. The Orca was easy to steer and handle, especially at very slow speeds, because to the immediate torque and predictable throttle response. This highlights the appeal that a product like this would undoubtedly have to the hotel and tourism sectors as well as the charter yacht industry.

The Orca was nevertheless a very simple beast to ride despite not having a perfectly linear throttle input to motor output relationship. It was the silence.

I could hear every directive, instruction, and riding advice the Taigas press wranglers gave me. And that’s crucial, as was indicated.

Not yelled, signaled, or shouted, but uttered instead Even at a distance of twenty feet, the ride was peaceful, smooth, and thoroughly delightful. There was no idle noise, no sound of distant motors revving while other riders did their thing, and no high-pitched engine barking as the Orcas jumped from wave to wave.

It’s been stated before, but it bears repeating: until you experience the water powered by electricity, you won’t realize how much of your boating experience is noise, yelling, and exhaust odor. It merely changes the game.


You could even be able to charge the Orca while driving out to the dock thanks to V2V charging offered by the Ford F-150 Lightning, the next Chevy Silverado EV, and other vehicles. What a wonderful idea that is!

However, even without the V2V angle, the new Taiga charges swiftly enough on L2 (220/240V) to fully recharge the battery in in three hours, providing enough power for around 45 km of riding (put another way, about 20 minutes of real hard riding, and 3045 minutes of what passes for tourist riding at a hotel rental). In other words, there will be plenty of time to charge it back up while the subsequent group of tenants gets settled and completes the safety course.

Furthermore, it doesn’t really relevant how long the Orca can run. It will never be enough on a car as fantastic and high-tech pleasure to ride as this one. As with all of life’s greatest pleasures.

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