Renault’s Mobilize brand will introduce mini-EVs to Europe.

The fact that electric vehicles are large and expensive is their main drawback.

The only clean, secondhand EVs that many people can buy typically cost as much as the least expensive new gas-powered vehicles. Unfortunately, this prevents many people with low incomes from being able to acquire an EV automobile, both in America and around the world.

EVs are expanding in size as well. However, there are some serious holes in the general applicability of that theory and it’s possible that the EV market is simply luring consumers who already prefer ICE crossovers and wouldn’t purchase a small EV. Some environmentalists and urban planners point out the popularity of electric SUVs and claim that we’re seeing Jevon’s Paradox at work (more efficiency leading to more consumption). In either case, the size of the vehicles themselves can be a concern.

Micromobility offers a different choice, but it has a downside. Even less developed nations are now able to afford electric transportation because these smaller vehicles use considerably smaller and less expensive battery packs. That is already happening outside of the US and Europe.

The fact that electric bikes and motorbikes are out in the elements is a huge drawback. Because they are so helpful and allow riders to wear raincoats, this hasn’t stopped people from utilizing them in many different countries. When I was in Taiwan, I saw this firsthand. However, the majority of Americans wouldn’t risk riding a motorcycle or bike in torrential rain. Even those who cycle to work on days with good weather prefer to use a car on days when it’s cold or rainy, but individuals in other nations don’t appear to mind as much.

However, there is a compromise that is gaining popularity in China: small electric vehicles. These diminutive vehicles frequently have a low speed limit (under 30 MPH), similar to mopeds, and are smaller than ordinary EVs in terms of battery size and power. However, they offer the majority of the comfort and safety advantages that one would experience when driving a normal-sized automobile, which makes them much more desirable to consumers.

These vehicles, as helpful as they may be, are not a Chinese creation. The Renault Twizy, produced by the French company Renault, has been around for ten years. Therefore, it comes as no great surprise that Renault will continue this legacy with a new tandem two-seater that also has the stability of four wheels, exactly like the Twizy. The result is one of the most environmentally efficient EVs that may prove to be a great popular in Europe. Add some significant interior modifications (and a pleasant look), simple and very inclusive lease options, and you have a winning combination.

Why Renault Bets on Continuing and Increasing Mini-EV Production The brand-new Duo offers a fresh approach to urban transit at a time when traffic regulations in city centers are tightening. It will be able to enter the low-emissions zones that are forming or expanding in the majority of big cities because it is all-electric. Everything the Mobilize brand stands for is represented by this tiny vehicle: rewriting the rules and promoting new, more appealing mobility that is also more responsible, inclusive, and appropriate for all ages.

A two-seater (tandem) electric vehicle, Duo is available in two speeds: 45 km/h (for 14 years and older, depending on the nation) and 80 km/h (which requires a class B license). Both cars accelerate quickly because to the readily accessible torque. They also give an additional degree of comfort for drivers by being silent and vibration-free.

With a range of 140 km, Duo is excellent for driving in cities and suburbs (pending WMTC certification). Due to its modest size—only 2.43 m long, 1.30 m broad, and 1.46 cm high—Duo can move through crowded urban areas with ease. Due to its agility, the Duo is extremely comfortable to drive and simple to park; in fact, three of them may fit in a single parking place! The bumpers that wrap around it also shield it from any tiny dings and scratches.


The dashboard for Duo is made to be both straightforward and entertaining, with a pop-culture element that pays homage to the boomboxes of the 1980s and 1990s. A user-friendly interface that anybody can use is made possible by the orange color scheme, central instrument panel, transmission lever on the left side of the steering wheel, speaker, and smartphone holder on the right, as well as the USB-C port for charging.

“Our services and vehicle designs both reflect the DNA of the Mobilize brand. According to Patrick Lecharpy, VP Develop of Mobilize, “We draw inspiration from urban landmarks to design products that promote mobility and break with conventional automobile standards. “With Mobilize, we are creating a whole new perspective on mobility that is centered on digital technology and revolves on the actual thing. People will pick Mobilize because of the experience: it provides enjoyable, practical, reliable, and easy-to-use sustainable and connected mobility.

For individuals seeking rapid and simple transit in congested urban areas, Duo was developed. In order to navigate through traffic more easily, it includes two seats that are near together. With a cage surrounding the compartment and sizable windows to let in light, the occupants are also shielded from the outside. The last element is an airbag in the steering wheel, which is uncommon among other micro-mobility cars.

The two seats in this entertaining, practical interior are completely padded for the best posture and provide a choice of two ultra-tough TEP upholstery patterns, so comfort is not compromised. The passenger cabin was made with washability and durability in mind.

A 20 cm sliding mechanism is included into the driver’s seat to make it simple to reach the back seats. On either side of the front seat are two storage spaces that can hold two small bags each. Passengers up to 1.8 meters tall can sit comfortably in the rear because to its ample space. People with limited mobility are also taken into account in the plans; the car will be able to transport a foldable wheelchair and can be equipped with a kit that adapts the steering wheel’s functions.

DEALS FOR ALL-INCLUSIVE LEASING Private users of Mobilize have the option of selecting Duo and receiving flexible subscription plans that begin with 3-month commitments. The length of the lease will determine the monthly payments, but obtaining a new Duo will always be a simple process that only involves a few internet clicks.

Mobilize Financial Services is the place for you if you’re a business client seeking for long-term leases. All of the services that these clients anticipate are included in the deals it provides to businesses, including maintenance, insurance, and charging options. In comparison to other 4-seater electric city cars, Duo has been specifically developed to dramatically lower fleet running costs thanks to its strong construction, small number of parts, lack of paint, etc.

“Mobilize offers all services related to manufacturer warranties, maintenance, insurance, and billing solutions through its subscription agreements. According to Corinne Pakey, Duo and Bento Product Performance Leader at Mobilize, this all-inclusive bundle seeks to give individual and business customers complete peace of mind.


Duo’s cargo-version Bento features the same exterior styling and is made for business clients that require a compact all-electric vehicle for last-kilometer services. Bento does not have a passenger seat; instead, it has a closed boot at the back that offers about 700 liters of useful space. This is the ideal location.

The box has two extra-large doors that open a full 140 degrees and is made of grey plastic that was rotomolded. On the right side of the driver, there is a hatch that makes it simple to move lengthy goods. Additional interior features will also be offered to accommodate the requirements of various specialists (such as tool racks).

“Bento introduces the cool and appealing essence of Duo into the van world. In addition to providing visibility for business operations, it also satisfies demand in expanding industries like last-mile services, as noted by Benjamin Manceau, Duo and Bento Project Manager, Mobilize.

Bento will be accessible to professionals for long-term leases beginning in 2024.
Mobilize provided each and every photograph.

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