Electric Life-Sized Vehicles Supposedly For NASCAR Track

Ever since the advent of slot car kits in the 1960s, electric cars have been closely associated with the world of auto racing. Scale, however, remained somewhat of an issue until the FIA ultimately unveiled its first Formula E championship in 2014. At this time, the North American Stock Car Racing Association is joining in. According to rumors, EVs could race on a NASCAR circuit as early as next year.

RUMORS OF ELECTRIC VEHICLES ABOUND Fans of NASCAR are already aware that the company has been seeking to establish an electric car racing series, maybe as a result of the attention that Formula E and its more recent sibling EV series, Extreme E, have received.

Kickin the Tires editor Jerry Jordan broke the story last week concerning the debut in 2023. Jordan emphasizes that NASCAR has not, and is not, confirming the claim, but he is reasonably certain that his sourcing materials are reliable.

If the proposal is real, whoa, it calls for a series of competitions starting in the third quarter of 2023 with a total of 12 electric vehicles depending on interest from OEMs, or automakers and other stakeholders.

The decision by NASCAR to forbid battery swapping or charging during the race is a sign of how far the electric vehicle racing scene has come since the debut of Formula E.

Need more? For all the information on NASCARs big EV adventure , or rumors to that effect, see Kickin the Tires.

BUZZ IS BUILT AROUND THE MUSTANG EV RACER BY FORD WITH A MOBILE TEASE Whether it’s a rumor or not, OEMs have definitely been pressuring NASCAR to make room for their new electric vehicles in its prominent showcase. The pressure has certainly been intensifying as legacy manufacturers shift more of their operations toward a zero-emission model.

We’re speculating that Ford is one of those urging most vehemently. A NASCAR mashup was made possible by the company’s successful launch of the Mach-E Mustang EV in 2020. The electric vehicle tease continued in April 2021 when the Mach E pulled duty served as the pace car during the NASCAR Cup Series at Talladega Superspeedway.

The Mach-E is not really NASCAR material since it is a crossover SUV. However, with the introduction of a brand-new gasmobile variant for the NASCAR circuit last year, Ford also boosted the brand recognition of the Mustang racing.

According to a press statement from Ford, A completely new era in stock car racing is officially introduced today when the public in Charlotte, North Carolina, sees the brand-new 2022 NASCAR Next Gen Mustang.

The new vehicle, which has been under development for two years, is entirely different from its forerunner and has been fully revamped. This model is constructed for the future, they continued, featuring flexibility for technological upgrades like a hybrid or electric drivetrain, unlike previous generations when the exterior was the only visible difference.

They continued, “The new race car more closely resembles its Mustang production version, which continues to hold the distinction of the world’s best-selling sports car.

ELECTRIC VEHICLES BY FORD HEARTS Ford also mentioned that 2019 would be the debut of a Mustang in the NASCAR Cup Series when it announced the Next Gen lineup the previous year. Ford was able to secure the manufacturers championship , its 17th such honor since 1956, thanks to the car’s additional 18 victories in 2020. (check out Auto Week for some great vintage photos).

Ford has been enhancing its electric vehicle profile, including electric versions of its F-150 truck and Transit work vans to go along with a new EV-centric campus in Tennessee, although all of this activity has been taking place in the gasmobile sector.

Additionally, Ford made a significant announcement this week regarding its intentions for 2023, including the launch of the new new high performance EV battery chemistries .

When NASCAR introduces its first all-electric series, it’s a very safe bet that the Mustang Mach-E will make an appearance. However, the Mach-E is a crossover SUV, not a sedan.

However, according to Jordan’s research, NASCAR is currently leaving the door open for electric SUVs. Another possibility is to imagine an electric-only Mustang that closely mimics America’s preferred pony car.

THE FUTURE OF NASCAR Returning to the innovation topic, Ford has been preparing for an EV future with NASCAR for at least ten years. During the EV-friendly Obama administration, Ford unveiled the short-lived Fusion gas-electric sedan, which was in production just long enough to secure a spot as a pace car during the 2013 NASCAR season.

Also in 2013, NASCAR promoted its Green Innovation division to Vice President position, and our partners at the Orlando Sentinel noted that 20 Level 2 charging stations for electric vehicles had been placed at the organization’s headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida. Eaton installed the system as a part of its collaboration with the recently launched NASCAR Green program. The installation gave NASCAR the chance to publicize the Workplace Charging Challenge for Electric Vehicles launched by the Obama Administration in 2014.

In support of the National Bioeconomy Blueprint, NASCAR also started promoting biofuels and other bio-products in 2011. Through a sponsorship with Lockheed Martin, they also engaged into a multi-year relationship with the American Council on Renewable Energy in 2014.

NASCAR Green is still ongoing in some capacity, but it mostly escaped our notice during the Trump administration. That is, until we finally observed in April 2017 that NASCAR was educating fans about climate change on its website in response to fan surveys showing an interest in environmental messaging.

Kickin the Tires 0 is still active in the meantime. The circuit’s various teams and tracks have also been advancing. For instance, in February, our friends at Kickin the Tires 1 featured the RFK (Roush Fenway Keselowski) team, which plans to use carbon offsets, energy-efficient structures, and electric vehicles as part of its Kickin the Tires 2 strategy.

The most recent information from RFK, by the way, is that on July 17, at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, driver Brad Keselowski brought Kickin the Tires 3 to a seventh-place finish.

The infamous Talledega chanting incident earlier this year seems to have fallen victim to the law of unintended consequences. The chant is now a plot feature in a new book called Kickin the Tires 4 that aims to boost autistic kids’ self-confidence.

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Ford is one of the automakers supporting AA16, as seen in the photo (photo courtesy of Ford).

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