CHAdeMO’s final station

David had a history of collecting. He gathered patches from the fire and police departments when he was a child. Later, he wore one and an accompanying shining metal emblem. But that was also a long time ago. Currently retired, he owned a variety of electric vehicles. He advanced to the position of Assistant Chief and left with a very generous pension. He also started doing some strange consulting job. He was by no means wealthy, but he had enough to indulge his interest of collecting vintage electric vehicles.

His autos received odd looks and ecstatic waves today. While everyone now owns an electric vehicle, not everyone has a brand-new 2014 Model S with the nosecone intact. How many owners of a 2011 Chevy Volt have the vehicle’s original, dark trunk? Only David and a few of his VR/AR chat group mates, that’s who! That one made him especially happy because he was able to find replacement battery cells while maintaining the originality of the vehicle. In 2052, finding gasoline is difficult, but when the Voltec four-cylinder starts up at a vehicle exhibition and makes children leap, it’s fun.

He wanted to go for a drive in one of his favorite vintage automobiles on a slow Sunday in November. He passed an original Tesla Roadster that he had just returned from the shop after having some electronics repair done on it. Years before, his Roadster was on the verge of a store fire when he acquired that one for a bargain. Although it still had issues, he had lovingly restored it.

He made the choice to go for a spin today in his eccentric air-cooled electric vehicle (EV), an all-original 2011 Nissan LEAF.
He muttered to himself, “Well, almost all original.” The 300-mile pack is nice, for sure.

He planned to use it to travel a few hours to see one of his old friends from his days in the government who now ran a convenience shop. David persuaded Braydon to keep one old charging station operational for nostalgia’s sake after he recently installed all new ones. He planned to travel there today, charge the vehicle, take some pictures of it for the ‘Gram (an out-of-date 2D website that only senior citizens use anymore), and then drive it back.

It was a pleasant, cool day as he got on the road. Only 90 degrees outside, which is a welcome respite from Colorado’s oppressive October heat that had just about run its course. It had been a heat wave to remember.

A time later, when David arrived at the convenience shop, Braydon was surrounded by a few people holding 3D cameras. After stopping in front of the station, David seized the last CHAdeMO connector in existence by the handle.

“Bray, what’s going on?” David asked while pointing at the photographers.

“Unfortunately, they won’t be able to witness the final charging of an ancient air-cooled car. They said that their editor would accept a staged picture. stated Braydon.

“Seriously? You promised to continue this one for me.

Dave, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, but I can’t. I was no longer able to obtain the parts. I also cannot afford to get a specially printed copy.

So they took a few pictures and 3D films before unplugging the vehicle. The car was set to charge on one of the new stations after David unlocked the back hatch and took out his CCS4 adaptor.

“At least leave the old cabinet up.” David cried out. Braydon agreed by nodding.
“I can’t guarantee my son will uphold that. The next year, he will take over the company.

When her wife entered the room and handed her a set of neurological aids, the older woman was seated to eat. She mentioned that a really good braincast on the final air-cooled vehicle to charge up was released today. “I recall that useless piece of garbage!” Remember when that thing almost left us stranded?

The elderly woman did this to allow the neural aides to magnetically latch onto the implants as she raised them up to the side of her head. After giving the desire to see the braincast some thought, images and ideas began to flood her head. Years previously, she had possessed an air-cooled electric vehicle, but that didn’t work out either. It couldn’t withstand the heat in Arizona since it was air-cooled.

It all began when the previous administration opted against investing in charging stations for vintage LEAFs and other vehicles with that style of connector. The CHAdeMO plug, I see. When she saw it on the braincast, she was reminded of how difficult it had been to get the device into her automobile. Oh, my God, that was so long ago!

Oh, and when they ceased production of those. Yes, that’s correct; the new standard had replaced everything else and there weren’t any new stations for them. When was that, exactly? Oh, she remembered it now. The braincast, perhaps, or another? Well, it doesn’t really matter. Now that she knew the year.

Regardless, the vehicles didn’t suddenly vanish from the road and go “POOF.” Like any old car, many were involved in collisions, some broke down, and repairs weren’t financially viable. But soon, there were very few remaining, and those who had them in the past either kept them out of contempt for the absurd 2,000-mile rule or purchased them to restore or modify.

EV drivers had to work hard in the past. We even had to stop at an RV site since we required applications to figure out where to go for charging! Oh, how different those times were. extreme adventure.

By the time the stations began to vanish, few collectors and odd individuals preoccupied with their vintage car had taken note. But recently, history occurred, and the final plug was permanently disconnected. They both smiled as they remembered that her wife had written “good riddance!” as a comment in the braincast. She’d always detested the vehicle.

CHAdeMO had passed away, but it wasn’t a shocking event. By the time the majority of the stations were down, nobody used them any longer. By that time, adapters and “plug swaps” were commonplace. If you wanted, you could even hire a shop to disassemble the vehicle and install the newest hub motors and batteries. The majority of collectors and elderly people who resisted purchasing new cars did that. A few people preserved theirs completely original in the hopes that their worth would increase.

The following braincast was a fascinating World War III documentary, but that’s an other story. However, the most recent version of Duolingo for Neuralink makes learning new languages simple, so there’s that.

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