First month using my Bolt EUV

Like any good CleanTechnica writer, I do long-term reviews of any clean vehicle I buy, borrow, rent, or get time with from the manufacturer. A recent e-mail from GM’s OnStar service tells me that I’ve

The crossover and SUV area is by far the most popular for new electric vehicles, and Fisker is prepared to introduce its new crossover into this market. I recently had the chance to test drive the eagerly awaited Fisker Ocean, the company’s first fully electric car for the general public. The Karma and Revero are two vehicles that Fisker is well-known for, but the Ocean is on an entirely other platform. Before any EV incentives, the Fisker Ocean’s starting price for the Sport Trim will be $37,499. The pre-production prototype seen here is the one that is most similar to the Extreme/One trims.

The hottest segment for new electric vehicles is by far the crossover and SUV category and Fisker is ready to drop their new crossover